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I'm Kasturi.

A B2B content strategist and writer who makes boring copy compelling through storytelling and research. 



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Content Writing

Topic research and development

Identifying topics and themes that align with your goals

Writing and editing

Producing well-written, error-free content that meets your specific needs

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Making sure your content is optimized for search engines and includes appropriate keywords and metadata

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Content Strategy

Content planning

​​Creating an editorial calendar that outlines content topics, formats, and distribution channels

Content creation

Creating content to meet your business goals and reach your audience

Content optimization

Optimizing your content for search engines, social media, and other distribution channels

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Brand messaging development

Designing a voice and message that reflects the values and personality of your brand


Website copywriting

Writing and optimizing web copy to improve search engine rankings, engage visitors, and increase conversions


Sales/Email copywriting

Creating effective sales/email marketing campaigns that encourage subscribers to take action


Featured Work

Image by Mailchimp

Dive into the most effective email marketing strategies for EdTech to build great customer relationships, boost engagement, and improve retention.

Image by Brett Jordan

Explore the seven web push notification mistakes your BFSI brand could be making and how to address them. 

Image by Kenny Eliason

What’s a good strategy to plan B2B business growth and prosperity during a recession?

Image by Sandy Millar

Frugal living isn’t a one size fits all lifestyle. Dive into a comprehensive list of frugal living ideas and adopt the one sthat suit you best.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Explore the pros and cons of working from home and why the hybrid model might be the most popular path for corporates in the post-pandemic world.

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