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B2B Content That Connects and Converts. 

Hey, I'm Kasturi!

Content marketer and copywriter for B2B tech companies. 

I believe: B2B ≠ Boring! 

I use storytelling to write compelling copy that simplifies complex topics. Copy that POPS with your brand personality and CONVINCES readers why you're the right choice. 

I've written long-form SEO-optimized content, landing pages, emails, and social media posts for 20+ B2B tech companies. You might even say I nerd out on tech companies, telling brand stories that compel prospects to turn into clients.


My client list includes names like Nexcess, Shogun, Prosci, WebEngage, k-ecommerce, Goodcover, Mosaic, Empeon, Ware2Go, and Founders Factory Africa, alongside leading B2B marketing agencies like Foundation Marketing and The Blogsmith. 



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"...Both the strategy and production teams expressed that they've enjoyed working with you and are excited to continue doing so! I personally have appreciated your level of communication with me, as that helps a lot working in a remote environment. The editorial team specifically expressed that you do a great job at adjusting copy as you get to know the clients that you write for better...we are excited to continue working with you!"

Lainey Cartwright, Production Specialist,
Foundation Marketing


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Content Writing

Topic research and development

Identifying topics and themes that align with your goals

Writing and editing

Producing well-written, error-free content that meets your specific needs

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Making sure your content is optimized for search engines and includes appropriate keywords and metadata

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Content Strategy

  • Helping you come up with the best ideas, content strategy, and specific applications for long-form pieces

  • Generating themes, topics, and article ideas for the next quarter

  • Analyzing existing content, identifying top-performing pieces, and deciding how they can be repurposed for other formats and channels

  • Idea Bounce sessions where we generate ideas, explore new possibilities, and find clarity around next steps

  • Sounding board sessions where we talk through your processes, look at various paths or solutions, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each one, before making decisions

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Case Study Writing

Case studies are testimonials on steroids! As a certified case study writer, I help you create happy customer success stories that shine a spotlight on your brand and tell people why you products/services are worth every penny! 

Website/Sales/Email copywriting

Designing a voice and message that reflects the values and personality of your brand

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