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EquiVerseSpace: A Sound Home in Words

EquiVerseSpace is an anthology of creative writing that opens up a new dimension of equality, akin to the ‘swing’ of Jazz. There is poetry, short fiction, essay, discussion, review, book excerpt and the beautiful Japanese short forms - haiku, haibun, tanka, senryu

Emerging and established literary talent from all over the world have made their contribution to this rhythmic flow of shared understanding. There is music in it - born of resonance, and a deep bonding over equality that thrums in its sounds

Kunti’s Confessions

Queen Mother Kunti reflects on her life as a pawn in the hands of time. A revolutionary warrior mulls over the choices she has made. A tree talks to her daughter in a dystopian future. Draupadi tells her mother-in-law to speak up. A woman beats up an abusive husband. Or does she? These 15 stories by women reflect some of the quiet joys as well as deepest fears of Indian women today

Drawing inspiration from leading contemporary female authors in India today, including Anuja Chauhan, Anita Nair, Jaishree Misra and Jhumpa Lahiri, every month, readers of Women's Web (, a digital platform that tells women's stories, sent in their own writing. These 15 shortlisted stories represent the very best of the short fiction published on the site in 2016. These stories that emerge from the reality of women's lives will resonate with women and men everywhere

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is an anthology of thirteen diverse contemporary short stories from India, woven around the extraordinary tales found in ordinary lives. Readers will resonate with these stories of life's many paradoxes that sometimes find happy resolutions, and sometimes can't be gotten rid of

There are stories of childhood, and lost innocence, of happy memories and dark secrets, of homecoming and alienation, of shrinking of the self and longing for freedom. In this geographically varied collection, settings ranging from a small town in Punjab to the metros of Delhi, Gurugram, and Kolkata. The action ranges across locales as intimate and immediate as the stream of consciousness narration of a character, to the external travails a city dweller couple face in trying to set down roots on the banks of the Brahmaputra. The language used is polished English prose, with rich shades of local intonations, be it the Kumaoni, Assamese, Punjabi or Japanese used by the protagonists in different stories

Bengal Write Ahead

Fifty articles that evoke the wonder that is Bengal Bengal Write Ahead was a contest organized by Facebook, in partnership with Rupa Publications, Red Fm and Kolkata Bloggers. It invited people from all over the world to write about Bengal and submit their articles online. It was an attempt to see how Bengal is portrayed in the minds of people of various ages and backgrounds

In Bengal Write Ahead, the top fifty pieces, chosen by an eminent jury, are brought together. Each one of the articles evokes a unique aspect of Bengal-from cinema, art, sport, literature to the beauty of its landscape, the wonder that is Kolkata and the delectable range of its cuisine. The pieces examine Bengal's past and also look to the future, to see where the state is headed in a new world. Humorous, nostalgic and hopeful, Bengal Write Ahead evokes the very best of the Bengali people and their culture

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