Eve Ensler ‘The Apology,’ Asks Men To Introspect And Apologise To Their Victims

Eve Ensler recently released her new book The Apology in Delhi. In a press meeting, she describes why she wrote the book and the excruciating experience that it was

On November 11, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting renowned author and feminist activist Eve Ensler at a press meeting in Delhi. She was in town for the India and Delhi chapters of One Billion Rising (OBR)- a global campaign that she founded to end rape and sexual violence against women. The author of the celebrated play Vagina Monologues discussed her latest book, The Apology. Indian feminist activists Kamla Bhasin and Abha Bhaiya also attended the meeting.

The first thing that I felt when I looked into Eve’s twinkling eyes is that she sees me. It was, as if, for her, YOU are important.

She offers you the most genuine smile while holding your gaze with those kind, intelligent eyes. And throughout the time we spent with her, I felt that my first impression wasn’t quite wrong.

Eve talks about abuse, climate change, the mass devastation of Mother Earth, and the culture of toxic masculinity. And yet, in all of that she never loses her compassion. She is angry but she is not baying for someone’s blood. In fact, she is asking for real changes that come when people look inside themselves.

Imagine meeting your feminist icon and then being awestruck by her kindness and inner beauty more than you’d ever expected? Eve Ensler had my heart.

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