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5 Gutsy Women Share Their Stories Of Being A Single Mother In India

In a country like ours where women are judged for every aspect of their lives, how tough is it being a single mother? Here are the stories of 5 inspiring single moms in India.

‘‘You’re not a real family!”

“Oh, she must be easily available!”

“Let’s avoid her because she’ll poach our husbands!”

These are some of the common things that a single mom in India has to hear. Imagine doing the job of both the parents with the utmost strength and grace and still being treated like this by people around you? Having been raised by a single mother myself, I understand the huge obstacles such a woman must overcome almost on a daily basis. Can’t we as a society be a bit more open and understanding to these courageous women? Let’s find out what five single mothers have to say about their experiences in the Indian society.

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